During the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades, various accelerated, in-depth academic courses designated Advanced Placement (AP) are available to qualified students. The difficulty of AP courses is recognized by college admissions and placement personnel, and AP courses are noted on students’ high school transcripts. At the conclusion of an AP course, students are required to take the AP exam covering the subject or subjects studied. The exams are written and graded by the AP Program of the College Board. The scores received are used by colleges and universities for admission and placement purposes. High scores aid students’ chances of admission to colleges and to their special programs and grant them college credit (possibly exempting them from freshman courses).

Why Participate?

  • Earn college credit.
  • Increase GPA since credit is weighted.
  • Stand out in the college admissions process – universities like rigor!
  • College Board states that studies have shown students who earn a 3 or higher on an AP exam generally:
    • Perform well in subsequent college courses in that discipline
    • Perform well in their first year of college
    • More likely to graduate from college in four years
    • More likely to major in the AP subject or related discipline
    • More likely to have better outcomes in college compared to students who take dual enrollment courses

AP Tests

AP Exam Dates

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AP Score Reports

Click here for directions to access AP test scores online.  They will not be mailing scores out anymore.

Advanced Placement Classes Offered at Tenoroc

Advanced Placement American Government

Contact Mr. Swearingen via email.

Advanced Placement English Language and Composition

Contact Mrs. Ley via email.

Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition

Contact Ms. Craft via email.

Advanced Placement Environmental Science

Contact Ms. Zych via email.

Advanced Placement Human Geography

Contact Mrs. Houghton via email.

Advanced Placement Psychology

Contact Mr. Eades via email.

Advanced Placement Spanish Language

Contact Mrs. Camacho via email.

Advanced Placement World History

Contact Mr. Eades via email.

Advanced Placement Art Courses

Contact Mrs. Ross via email.

Advanced Placement United States History

Contact Mr. Tarr via email.

Advance Placement Biology

Contact Mrs. Fender via email.